Giant Sparky Spell Bait – Level 9 at 5,000 Trophies

Hey guys its MaybeDylan from clan GameDen 2 bringing you one of the most successful Sparky decks I have ever seen in my ENTIRE “Clash Royale life” (A pretty long @$$ time since I’ve been playing slightly after global launch)!

Giant Sparky Spell Bait

So It was just a casual Clash Royale game and suddenly, I realized my opponent was a level 9. That could either be an incredible feat of magic or the work of the most powerful card in the game, the credit card. I was ready to face over-levelled cards but no, the first thing he put down was a Sparky at level 2 (so pro, much wow).  So let’s discuss about the cards roles:

Clash Royale SparkyClash Royale GiantClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Minion Horde
Clash Royale BarbariansClash Royale PrincessClash Royale ZapClash Royale Arrows

Cards Breakdown

Sparky: Obviously the main win condition, Overkill isn’t in her dictionary so she will basically blast the first thing she sees into an Elixir puddle. This card is somehow the most used card for low levels reaching high trophy ranges. The only weakness that I would think of is Rocket. Skeleton Army and spam troops can be Zapped and Arrowed.

Giant: The secondary win condition if things go sour for your Sparky. One of the best cards per Elixir costs IMO. He’ll meat-shield the Sparky until she blasts the tower to bits, or just be the human wrecking ball to the tower.

Skeleton Army: Honestly, I think the level of Skeleton Army don’t really matter because their purpose of being Zap/log bail is always present. Use them to swarm troops (except Valkyries) to completely melt them.

Minion Horde: 3 Minions shred, 6 Minions wreck. This card has one of the most DPS in the game. Yet another spell bait card in the deck. Use this to support your Giant if your opponent has used his heavy spells or air splash cards. Very good card of defense if the opponent doesn’t have air splash or spells.

Barbarians: A solid card that doesn’t see much light in the higher trophy ranges due to fact that they are slow. However, they are used as another ‘meat shield’ for the Sparky and to bait Fireballs so you can place down your Minion horde on offense.

Princess: The only AOE damage dealer in this deck (besides Sparky) so use her wisely. She can sort-of be used as a Fireball/Arrow bait. Support pushes with her well behind the tank of in the opposite lane so she targets troops instead of the crown tower.

Arrows: Card to swarms that surround your Sparky/Giant after you used Zap. Can also be used to finish of a crippled tower.

Zap:  Same as above but can also reset Inferno Towers/Dragon/Sparky.

General Gameplan:

A Sparky or a Giant behind your king tower is always a solid move but be ready to counter any quick Hog/Miner/Graveyard push on the opposite lane.

If you don’t have a Giant or Sparky, a Princess at the bridge for chip damage is relatively safe but otherwise I’ll wait for my opponent to make the first move.

In single Elixir time (normal time, whatever) you will probably only be able to do Giant Sparky pushes so don’t over commit especially if they have a strong punishing combo like Ice Golem and Balloon. You should use this time to assess your opponents spells and counter cards to Sparky.

Double Elixir is where you can flood your attacking lane with troops and punish your opponent for mis-using/mis-placing cards. Surrounding your Sparky with Skeleton Army AFTER they Zapped it is a popular move but I find surrounding it with Barbarians better as they provide more ‘meat shield’ to your Sparky and resistant to Zap. They can also force your opponent to use a Fireball so you can deploy your Minion horde.

Deck Matchups:

Lavaloon: The very deck I used to beat him. This deck has only two air targeting troops (besides Arrows and Zap) which are easily countered with Arrows (as most in not all Lavaloon decks have) This matchup can probably go both ways depending on starting hand or if someone messes up. Baiting Arrows with surrounding your Sparky with a Skeleton Army is a good move as Mega Minions have relatively slow speeds.

*CAUTION* Balloon damage can Minion horde which might jeopardize your push/defense so always place the Minion horde BEHIND the Balloon so they will fly away before the them.

Hog Cycle: Double Elixir is where you want to be. Hog cycle decks HATE double Elixir s this allows their opponent to defend their light Hog pushes while being able to support their own push on the other lane. Try not to misuse your spells as they will be able to cycle back to, e.g. another Skeleton Army to distract your Sparky.

Royal Giant: * ALERT* RG + EB may be your dream matchup cone true as Sparky will blast them all to Elixir. Always hover a Skeleton Army/ Barbarians to distract incoming elite Barbarians as they may Zap your charged up Sparky before she blasts them. If your opponent Zaps your Sparky when he has a Royal Giant at your tower from 999999 feet away, don’t panic but treat that as an opportunity to build up an unstoppable push and think of it as him wasting his only ‘stall’ card.

Rocket decks: Probably one of the hardest matchups to face as Rocket can instantly your Sparky for an even Elixir trade. Hard to play for a draw as he can Rocket cycle your crown tower to so the best play is to convert your Giant to your main win condition and support it accordingly.


Thanks for reading this guide guys and I hope you can achieve your dreams of being a top CR player in your respective countries, so,



Giant Sparky Zap Bait Deck by PrinceWest

Hey guys, PrinceWest here. As we can see by the recent poll, many people believe that the Sparky is the worst legendary in the game: a ridiculous 5 second charge time, Zap and Lightning counter it, and even a whole troop was made to nerf it hard: The Electro Wizard.

However, many people don’t see its true purpose: A high skill card that forces your opponent to defend, and rewards you for clearing the way with good spell placement and getting it to the tower.

Today, I created a Zap bait deck that works well in this meta. So let’s get right to the point and make this Legendary deadly.

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale SparkyClash Royale ZapClash Royale The Log
Clash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale

Cards Breakdown

Sparky – No one quite takes out a tower like she can. At tournament standard (Level 1), a Sparky does 1300 area damage. That is a guaranteed 2 to 3 hit , which is something not even the P.E.K.K.A, the troop with the highest DPS in the game, can do. There’s a catch: a 5 second charge up time that gets reset by Zap effects and an Ice Spirit, not to mention an Ice Wizard’s slowdown effect makes it even worse. Nevertheless, the key to the Sparky is to learn how to babysit it, which this deck does well.

Giant – Widely considered the best tank in the game, the Giant soaks up damage for your Sparky. These two pair well together as the Sparky usually anything that surrounds your Giant, leaving your Giant to reach the tower and do damage even if the Sparky goes down.

Zap – The Zap is there to swarm troops that the Sparky has a hard time with. It also resets Inferno Towers that counter your Giant.

The Log – The second Legendary in this deck (don’t worry F2P players, more on what you can do later) also provides a swarm counter as many opponents these days can’t leave their main screen without two or three of those cards. Helps deal with annoying troops that reach your tower.

– While your spells help with troops on the ground, the helps with troops in the air. Behind a Giant Sparky combo, the does work against things like Minion Horde that can safely your Sparky. It is also your effective Lava Hound counter when it pops.

Minion Horde – Your Minion Horde is here purely for defense. Use this against balloons, Lava Hounds, Inferno Dragons, Graveyards, anything that requires high DPS to . It also baits out the Zap for your Sparky.

Goblin Barrel – Not many people Zap this anymore because at tournament standard levels, it won’t a Goblin Barrel. However, this allows you to bait out Log or Arrows for your other troops. If the Sparky is having a tough time getting to the tower, throw out one of these paired with a Giant. It will really frustrate your opponent.’

Skeleton Army – Another Zap/Log/Arrow bait card. Use this to lure in troops like the Elite Barbs or a lone Hog Rider, as this deck lacks buildings. I am not responsible for leftover bones left on the field.

Overall, this deck has amazing synergy and is very easy to use. All of these cards are there for one purpose and one only: Make. Sure. Sparky. Hits. The. Tower.


If you’re reading this deck, you probably already have a Sparky, so we have that covered. Even though this is a Arena 9 and up deck, this deck can be as played as early as Arena 6 if you have the right cards to substitute with.

  • The Log -> Arrows, Fireball (See F2P players, I told you I got you)
  • -> Wizard, Ice Wizard, Witch, Baby Dragon, Princess

General Gameplan


The best way to start off the match would be a Giant in the back. I would try to avoid revealing the Sparky at this time, unless your opponent plays a heavy tank in the back: then place the Sparky in the same lane.

Your main push should be Giant + Goblin Barrel, just until you know what deck you’re dealing with. Use your Skeleton Army and Minion Horde to defend. Your goal for this minute of the game: find out if they have any Sparky-resetting troops or spells.


The next minute of the game, start playing more offensively. You can split your Minion Horde to support your Giant, and overall get more aggressive. You can choose whether or not you want to reveal your Sparky, but definitely do so with an elixir advantage.

1:00-End (OT if necessary)

By now you should have your deck in a good cycle, and your pushes should be HUGE. We’re talking the godly Giant + Sparky + combo. Simply rinse and repeat your pushes until a tower goes down, and you can laugh in your opponent’s salty face.

Popular Matchups

  • P.E.K.K.A/Golem – Easy matchup. Simply place Sparky in the same lane as the tank and you win.
  • Giant – Same as before but they’ll have more elixir for more support troops, so make sure you counter accordingly.
  • Other Sparky decks – When in a Sparky 1v1, always remember this: try to Zap your opponent’s Sparky after they Zap yours. This allows your Sparky to off a shot first because yours will recover from the stun first.
  • Cycle decks – Difficult matchup. Make sure you get good value from your Log and Zap and then go on the . This is the deck you’ll want to switch your Sparky from offense to defense and instead use your Giant + Goblin Barrel push
  • X-b0w – Use your Giant to tank for the X-bow damage.
  • Miner Control – Make sure your fragile troops don’t to a spell and you might have to sacrifice some tower damage.


Well, there you go Clashers, an easy to use Sparky deck. I really love the concept and design of the Sparky, and it was my first legendary. I hope that you guys will give it a chance and use this deck. Clash on.


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