Hog Nado Deck for Arena 9+

Hey there guys Lolman here with another guide for a deck that I believe counters pretty much EVERY deck in the meta right now especially spell bait, beatdown (Golem and Lavahound), 3 Muskets.

Upon some further research this deck actually, or at least a variation was created by Final Boss. A top 200 player. I will link the video below and give credit where it’s due. So onto the deck.

 Hog Nado Deck

Hog Nado Deck for Arena 9+

Clash Royale Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Valkyrie
Clash Royale The LogClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Lightning

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider– Main win condition of the deck. Getting this card to the Tower is critical.

Initially, you will want to pig push him with Ice Spirit or Skeletons. Especially if opponent places a building 4 tiles from the river where your Hog can bypass it. You don’t need troops to pig push anymore because supercell fixed true red and true blue but with this deck, vs some matchups like Lavahound ideally, you should be ahead in damage very early on in the game so all the damage counds.

– Main and only air hitting troop in this deck. Now this might seem iffy but this deck cycles EXTREMELY well. Its average cost isn’t anything special but it does carry the Lightning Spell, which is why the average cost is reasonably high. Overall it should cycle not too much slower than the Hog cycle deck (With Knight).

Its minimum cycle costing only 2 more because is 5 Elixir and Knight being 3.

should be your defense only card. I never play him in the back as the starting move unless a Lavahound is coming etc.

You want to keep this troop on your side of the map. This card alone can shut down Golem, Lavahound, Giant or any beatdown decks push when paired up with the Tornado so use him wisely. Especially if your opponent usually lightnig+Log/Arrows him off the map.

Valkyrie– Can be replaced by Knight but I prefer Valkyrie because of how solid she is vs spell bait.

Tornado and Valk after activating king actually shuts down Goblin Barrel + Hog Rider with a healthy Valk on the field.

In a nutshell you are 4 Elixir ahead of your opponent despite the bars showing you are even.

I really never have to Log the Goblin Barrel just because of how many answers I have for any spell bait push.

Tornado– The MVP in the game only because and Valkyrie is in this deck.

Should be used soon to activate king Tower, there’s really not much use for it on offense unless you see value.

Like here. My opponent used Barbs on Hog and also Minions on my Exe. I Tornadoed the two together and Barbs away from Hog.  This allowed my Hog to actually get 2 hits off and my Exe had defended a push already giving my insane value.

Skeletons- Mainly paired up with Hog also a cycle card to other cards.

Ie- If you need an Exe on defense and also good for kiting and distracting as well as getting value with trades like Skeles on a Musketeer etc.

Ice Spirit- Same principle. Gauging your opponents counters you will be able to figure out which of the two you should pair up in your pig pushes most of the time. Also good on defense, the Freeze helps quite a bit.

Skeles+ Ice Spirit can shut down E-barbs if you kite them to your zone for a +4 trade if they don’t Zap. Just a quick note.

Log-  Should be used on offense because it’s hard enough getting a Hog to the Tower.

Early game however use this for defense vs the Goblin Barrel because early game you want to take a damage lead and this isn’t beatdown where you can really take a lot of damage early on for an Elixir lead.

This being a deck where you can get positive trades, loosing that lead doesn’t matter a whole Log. Especially since Exe Nado can bring a LOT of value to the table.

Also can be replaced by the Zap.

Lightning-  What’s Hogs worst nemesis? Inferno Tower. If Golem has Inferno for a over 15 Elixir push why not a 10 Elixir push with Hog + Lightning?

This shuts that down and does a reasonable 346 damage to the Tower. Memorize that number because when spell cycling it is very important that you only Lightning at last (unless you get value or a troop like Musketeer) when the HP is below 346.

Also good on defense. Vs 3 Musketeer pump you ideally want to Lightning the Pump. Valkyrie and Ice Spirit or Skeles is excellent vs the 2 Muskets for a +1 trade andSskeles or Ice Spirit is good vs the single Musketeer and tank a few hits to get a lead and then rush with Hog. (Will talk more in match-ups how to beat them. )

General Gameplan

Early game – 3:00-2:00

This is the part of the game where I simple send Hog + Skeles or Hog+ Ice Spirit.

I don’t bother with combos like Valk + Hog unless the Valk was already used in defense. Same goes for .

This deck doesn’t have a LOT of defensive cards. It has a few that are very solid and versatile and can be used in many situations. Hence why you have to save the cards and get value with them.

Gauge out your opponents counters.

Is this spell bait where you later on need a Valk in front of your Hog and you build a bit of Elixir for your push because they also have Inferno? Etc. Don’t Hog+ Lightning an E-Wiz for an example this early on. Not till 2x Elixir unless a ~-6 trade (Because Hog and E-Wiz is 4 for 4) will bite you in the bum. That and you want to keep Lightning a surprise to keep opponents from not clumping troops together later on as well unless they pump up etc.

Good starting moves

  1. Hog+ Skeles/ Ice Spirit at bridge.
  2. Cycle Ice Spirit or Skeles
  3. Valkyrie at the back
  4. in the back

TL;DR: Send lone Hogs or Hog + cycle card. Don’t go for expensive pushes. Defend and feel free to Hog behind or in front of counterpush troops. Try not to overcommit and feel out what opponents cards are. Keep Lightning as a surprise.

Mid game- (2:00-1:00)

Now that you have a general idea about the opponent’s counters. Be smart about what you pair your Hog with.

Around now you will be either defending vs a beatdown decks pushes or just rushing opposite lane etc. So play smart, don’t overcommit when rushing because remember ideally your impenetrable defense is Exe + Valk+ Tornado which is 12 Elixir.

Think to yourself “Will I at least be able to build 8 Elixir by the time the tank + support reach my side?” If the answer is Yes then go ahead but also note that you might have to split defense so know where to place cards like Exe to hit both lanes.

Similar to Musketeer when you want to push the opposite lane you’re defending, or you need to use Ice Spirit and Skeles carefully to defend the other lane for a positive Elixir trade, you can do this neat trick of just using the Tornado to draw everyone to the Valk while Exe is sniping. This is an almost surefire way of getting rid of pesky support troops and a tank.

Here the cycles cards come in very handy in defense with kiting-

Late game-  (1:00- end of overtime).

This is where you let lose.

You will be using Lightning offensively if opponent uses troops like E-Wiz or E-barbs on your Hog, or simply an Inferno Tower. Also this is where you have to predict but not be careless about the predictions.

Just send continuous waves of Hogs to towers especially if beatdown start slow pushes.

Remember, Hogs are a lot faster than Golems or Giants so in a base race with a Golem in the back, you are likely to have gotten maybe 2 hogs down by the time the Golem is at the bridge by cycling.

Some games you simply have to Lightning out opponents but try to get value rather than simply Lightning the Tower.


Lavaloon and beatdown in general

Vs this archetype you need to save on defense. Tornado is a must as well. Just make sure your placement is perfect.

If opponent puts a Miner on Exe you want to Tornado the Miner to the center as well. Otherwise protect Exe with maybe Skeles or an Ice Spirit etc.

If you have the Tornado + it’s actually not very hard to defend. That being said, you don’t want your opponent to have 8/9 additional Elixir to Log/ Arrows and Lightning your after they Lava+ Balloon. (Same with Golem). So just rush the other lane with a quick Hog Ice Spirt combo.

Early game you don’t want to Log or do anything rash that might put you down too much Elixir that you cannot defend.

Spell Bait

Depending on if it’s a Hog spell bait deck, Miner or simply Knight, You want to activate the King’s Tower by either Tornadoing Hog, Miner or Goblin Barrel to the king Tower.

After this dealing with majority of the pushes will become far easier for you as Tornado will often shut down all pushes.

Early on Logging the Goblin Barrel is fine but late game you want to use Log offensively as well as the Valkyrie in front of the Hog Rider.

Some pushes you can do vs spell bait which has Inferno and a lot of answer to your Log.

  • Valk+ Hog+ Lightning. (14 Elixir)
  • Hog+ + Lightning (If Exe is off a counterpush) (15 Elixir)
  • Hog+ Lightning + Log + Ice Spirit/Skeles.  (11 Elixir)

Graveyard Decks

Valk should be used on defense, however ideally you want to go for a trade vs Bowler Graveyard.

Tornado is actually amazing vs defensive Valk so essentially you want to simply not let opponent build the push.

Tornado is annoying vs this deck so Hog + Lightning early is advisable, especially if opponent gives you value by putting a Bowler and an E-Wiz on defense.

You can often outcycle the Tornado as well so damage must be done early in the game vs Bowler nado.

Miner cycle

Activate King’sTower is pretty much GG, after that just use Skeles or Ice Spirit early on or even a Valk if you plan on counterpushing, but ideally you want to focus on support troops, let 2 Tower take Miner and counterpush.

Lightning is key as well because Inferno Tower is a staple with Miner.

Battle Ram and Miner is popular so you want to also save your Ice Spirit, Skeles or Log etc that can take care of the Battle Ram. Miner damage is low enough that you can ignore it entirely with 2 towers hitting it.

Three Musketeers

Vs this deck, don’t let opponent pump up. At 2x Elixir you won’t have to worry about the Pump.

Usually, people play 3 Musketeer center so when you Hog etc, have Lightning hovering over center to get all 3.

Tornado is also the key on defense. For example, vs a Knight + Ram push or even a Ram + Skeletons/Ice Spirit rush push. It’s not hard to win against this deck but don’t let opponent pump up. And also, don’t Lightning a pump that has given 2 blips. Lightning only allows 1 Elixir so 2 would mean that Lightning won’t get enough value depending on if this is ladder or a challenge where levels are even.

So in a nutshell, Early on Lightning the pumps assuming it has only pumped out 1 Elixir. Do not Lightning if it has given out more than one Elixir. Similar principle with the Rocket. If it’s given 1 then you are going for a -1 trade, depends on how much you value Tower damage in the end. Ie- Rocket on 0 Elixir pump is a 493 damage for 0 Elixir but if it pumped out 1 it’s 493 damage for 1 Elixir.


I think I covered everything and I believe this deck counters almost all decks in the current meta and uses a very easy to use card. Hog Rider paired up with it’s hard counter . The Lightning spell. It’s really easy to use and fun to play, give it a try and I’m sure you’ll like it. Also, it’s basically free to play because it only has The Log as a legendary card so a lot of people can play it if they don’t have the Electro Wizard unlocked etc.

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