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Best Tips and Decks for Triple Elixir Challenge

The Triple Elixir is up tomorrow guys! Want to get those 104,000 Gold for free? I am going to give you some tips! Best Decks for Triple Elixir Challenge This is a very similar Challenge to 2x

Instant Guide to Countering Three Musketeers

People are using Three Musketeers a lot these days, making it from a ‘underused’ card to a top win condition. It’s not only because of their potentials, it’s also because so many people still don’t know how

Cheap Defensive Combos = ZERO Damage Done!

Hey guys, in this guide I want to show you some great defensive combos which require tiny Elixir to deal with certain troops and get zero damage done on your Tower. The gifs below were taken from

How To Deal With Losing Streaks

Wassup fellas, RohanReigns here talking about perhaps an untalked topic but a significant one, losing streaks. While some may have an incredible win ratio, but it’s no doubt that every player out there faces losing streak at

Best Tips for 2v2 Sudden Challenge

As people are being crazy because of the new 2v2 Sudden Challenge, we are here giving you some great tips in order to get that yummy Giant Chest! Basic Information: The first entry is free. Next entries

7 Best Battling Tips for New Players

It’s X-bow, Graveyard, Balloon FTW guys with the best battling tips for new Clash Royale players! Tips on Building Decks It’s important to have a solid working deck, although this is not the most important thing in

How to Counter the Bridge Spam Meta

Hey guys it is samxx a.k.a cuzzy4 with a small guide showing you how to counter the bridge spam meta! As you have maybe seen in CCGS and Grand / Classic Challenges, the new META is “Bridge

Top 3 Useful Tips for New Players in Clash Royale

Hey guys! Its Blaze back with another guide for you all! A few weeks ago there was a guide on Tips for lower arena players by Megasweep. However, even though the guide was quite good, some points

How to Win Huge Tourneys – Finding, Tourney Layout and Other Tips!

Hi. It’s me here again with another guide. Today i will show you… ah forget about it! What’s up my friends, it’s Norbysweg here coming with a slightly smaller guide on, guess what, how to win a

9 Super-Effective Tips for Trophy Pushing

What is going on people! It’s Exordium here, coming right back at you again with a detailed analysis and guide on pushing trophies! Here I’ll be explaining some of the most important tips you should know when
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