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Hog Mini – The New Meta Hog Control Deck

Hey guys, RohanReigns here after a long time with a Hog Mini P.E.K.K.A deck that I’m getting a lot of wins in challenges and top positions in petty tournaments. This deck is really strong for challenges in

Crazy P.E.K.K.A Hound Hybrid Deck

Hello CRA (and hopefully Stormies(my clan)!), I am ReaperofSouls, but everyone just calls me Reaper. I generally chill around 4k trophies (Low Challenger I), but that’s mostly because I spend a lot of time experimenting with new

Revamped Three Musketeers Deck for The New Meta!

Hey guys this is TheMoonBean69 here with my first ever guide on CRA (hopefully). So these recent balance changes have dropped the Night Witch in favor of Mini P.E.K.K.A and Ice Wizard. My previous deck contained the

Elite Spell Bait (a.k.a Bait)

Hey guys it’s Regeneration with my second deck in response to the upcoming spell bait meta! This deck has only 1 legendary that can be arguably replaced with a better card, and there are no epics so

Instant Guide on Making Your Own X-Bow Deck

Hey guys! It’s Zigge here back with another guide for you guys! Today I’m showing you guys how to build a new meta X-Bow deck using newly buffed cards like Ice Wizard, Bats and Mini P.E.K.K.A. Sounds

Overwhelming Miner Giant Skeleton Deck

What’s good boiiis, it’s Norbysweg back at it again with one of my best decks overall, this deck I made based on three different Miner Control decks, of course with that little touch of GIANT SKELETON in

Best Tips for Legendary Challenge

  Best Tips for Legendary Challenge Don’t necessarily play your ladder deck unless it also shines in tournament play. A lot of people run certain decks for ladder with cards that might not work well with the

Dank Ram Spam Deck

Herro everyone! My names herro and this is my second guide on CRA. Remember the 2.9 Battle Ram Cycle guide? That was mine! So a couple days ago I got a Night Witch (yes lucky me) and

Golem Graveyard Deck Is Back! Stronger Than Ever!

After the uprising of the swarm conspirators, many thought that Oblivious, the Golem who never felt pain, had tanked its last bullet unceremoniously by a Musketeer. Golem Graveyard Undetected to the whole kingdom, Oblivious had been merged

Giant Skeleton Control – How to Smash the Meta!

Hi guys this is CookieMonsterCR. Have you heard enough of ‘ding’ sounds of Battle Ram hitting your towers? Are you tired of Hogs smashing down your towers? Do you feel helpless when you see Golem slowly striding
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