Burning P.E.K.K.A Control Deck

What’s up everybody, this is General NX with the well-known P.E.K.K.A Miner Control deck!

This deck brought be to 4th place in one of the Crown Championship tournaments. It only got one 3 crown the entire tournament, but it still brought me very high.

I believe this deck to be quite strong in tournaments, as beatdown runs rampant in them, and as KairosTime​’s article says, control has the advantage over beatdown.

Enough chatter, let’s just get into the deck now.

pekka poison dekc

Burning P.E.K.K.A Control Deck for Arena 9+

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale MinerClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Skeleton
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale FurnaceClash Royale The LogClash Royale Electro Wizard


This deck might look similar to what you’ve seen before, as it was once (and still kind of is), a popular challenge deck. However, Poison has returned to the meta for a while, so I replaced minions with mega minion for more spell resistance.

Cards Breakdown

Miner– As he is in most control decks, he’ll be doing most of your tower damage. He’s really great at doing chip damage, in fact, he’s always guaranteed 448 damage (tournament standards) if untouched. He will land 7 hits, and his total crown tower damage is more than a hog swing, giving you an advantage in hog matchups. He’s also good at getting rid of backline glass cannons or assassinating buildings. Just watch out for Knight, as he’s the best counter to Miner.

P.E.K.K.A- The ultimate defensive card. She can shred tanks, mini tanks, and most ranged troops. She’s resisted to all spells, and she’s incredibly hard to when used defensively. In this deck, she acts as your main defensive card, being able to things such as Royal Giant, and making for a threatening counter push. Often times, I don’t bother supporting her on offense, as I let her tank as I send in my Miner for chip. Occasionally, she’s gonna get to the tower, but her try role is to protect your own towers.

Furnace- This is probably the most annoying brick oven I’ve ever seen. Amazing chip damage, and decent hit points for defense. In this deck, it doubles as a secondary splash attacker if your down Poison or Electro Wizard. Overall, a solid card in this deck, and one of my favorite ever cards.

Skeletons- OK, according to my personal list of the best cards in the game, these guys place in 3rd place. Offering incredible damage and distraction for one elixir, these guys don’t need much explaining. If you want, Orange Juice has a helpful video on these guys.

Electro Wizard– Possibly more OP than Skeletons (at least until he’s nerfed), his utility is amazing, especially in tournament standards. He makes it impossible for Sparky and Inferno Dragon to win. His one spawn zap is great for finishing off swarms and low HP troops. When played right, Electro Wizard + Pekka + Spells can wreck almost any push in defense. He makes a great counter push with Miner, and trust me, you never want a Miner and Electro Wizard on your tower at the same time.

Take a look at here to read more about him!

Mega Minion– The original deck featured Minions instead of Mega Minion, but since splash and Poison has heavily invaded the meta, Minions have felt like a much weaker option. I prefer Mega Minion as it’s much more resilient to spells and it’s DPS is almost the same. This substitution does make this deck slightly weaker to Graveyard, but as you’ll see, Poison will take care of that problem.

Poison– The ultimate area denial spell. It one shots Skeletons, which is incredibly useful when paired with Pekka and Miner. It does more chip damage than Fireball, and it has a longer duration and radius. Paired with Miner, it all swarms, allowing Miner to survive longer, do more chip, and better for you to win.

The Log– No explanation needed really. Offers so much control and utility for only 2 elixir. I often use it on defense on this deck, but it’s still super useful on offense as well. More about The Log here!

General Gameplan:

3:00 to 2:00

With this deck, your starting hand actually isn’t as impactful as it is with many other decks.

Usually, I’ll start with a Furnace, Miner, cycle with Skeletons and other cards, or use Pekka in the back if they drop a tank.

A personal favorite of mine is to start off with a Miner Skeletons push. Your opponent always has to defend, as the Skeletons will do a ton of damage if ignored.


Furnace is probably the safest start to a game, as it acts as a defensive and offensive structure while you bank your elixir.

If you have to cycle to get to an optimal hand, make sure that you don’t leave yourself without counters as that would be very risky.

For the rest of the beginning of the game, you want to figure out what deck they’re using. This is important for you establish what deck they’re using because it tells you what cards you should save, and what you won’t need as much. For example, if I’m facing a Lavaloon deck, I won’t cycle with Mega Minion because I need it. I might cycle with Skeletons instead. Or if I’m facing a Prince (just an example), I might save my Electro wizard and Skeletons to get rid of him.

Keep sending in your Miner though, just don’t get too over aggressive though. Remember, your main defense is a 7 elixir P.E.K.K.A, and despite her shutting down so many pushes, she is quite expensive. Miner + anything makes for a annoying push, always forcing your opponent to react if that’s what you’re looking for.

2:00 to 1:00

Around this time, I’ll start getting more aggressive, as you don’t want your opponent to have an advantage in double elixir time. You’ll still want to save your counters however, as you still need them to defend.

Furnace is pretty great in this time as well because if your opponent spends a lot of elixir to defend it, you can punish with Miner. It can also do a lot of chip if ignored, which is great as Miner can easily finish off low HP towers.

If you lose a tower or your tower is low, you might actually want to go for a P.E.K.K.A just before double elixir.

Usually, she won’t make it to the tower (Remember: Pekka isn’t your main offense), but she can act as a very threatening tank for your other troops and Miner. If you have to do this, use her about 10 seconds before double elixir hits.

1:00 – Rest of Game

If you haven’t taken a tower or got one low, do this right as double elixir hits You don’t want to have to rush the last 20 seconds just cycling Miners as your opponent gets a and advantage.

P.E.K.K.A is more than viable during this time, as you can quickly recover elixir. She can melt tanks, supports, and tank thousands of damage. Usually, Pekka can whole push, giving you elixir to go for a Miner down the lane you’re attacking. If you’ve got a low tower, you should start attacking the other tower in case you lose your own tower. When the King’s Tower is up, remember your Miner placements and try to keep him out of range of both towers.


Siege– Easily your hardest battle, as you can beat every archetype easily except for this one. The biggest problem against this matchup is that they can out cycle your Pekka. Against this matchup, I play super cautiously, usually attacking only when it leaves me with 7 elixir to defend. You will have to watch out for Inferno Tower and distraction troops, so I usually use Electro Wizard on defense with the Pekka as well. He can deal with small swarms and reset Inferno towers. Just play extra carefully against siege.

Heavy Beatdown (The Heavy tanks: Pekka, Golem, Lava Hound?)- Usually pretty easy matchup. Their decks are so expensive that they can’t keep up with your Miner, so you can usually chip and some if their pumps at the same time. Stick with your game plan and you should be fine.

Lavaloon is a bit more difficult, but I can usually pull with Furnace and use Electro Wizard and Mega Minion to their push. Sometimes, I use a Pekka Poison push when I see Lava Hound so they can’t build up their push or lightning all my defense.

Miner- Just outchip them. While you don’t have a reliable Miner counter, you do have much more damage, mainly in the form of Furnace, and a little in the Pekka. Make sure that you don’t play Miner right into a Knight every time though.

Hog Rider– Furnace is great against Hog, you just have to have it in the right spot. If you have a furnace on the field, just skeletons will shut down the Hog Rider. Make sure that you keep your Furnace on the field however, as they will try to out cycle you.

Bait- Save your Log for Goblin barrel exclusively. Poison is great against swarms, and it’s especially great against Princess. You can take her out while dealing 240 damage to their tower, which is completely worth it. Furnace is actually really great against Bait as well, so try to keep a Furnace on the field as much as possible. When you use Miner, make sure you’re ready to support him with spells or Spirits so he doesn’t get melted by swarms.

Giant/Graveyard– At high levels and challenges, I don’t see Giant without Graveyard very often. Usually, I use a Furnace to pull the Giant and Skeletons to take him out. Electro Wizard is quite helpful as well. However, I usually save Electro Wizard to help counter Graveyard instead, as sometimes, Poison alone won’t stop all the damage when you need it to.


This is my favorite Challenge and Tournament deck, as it’s so amazing at controlling the game with your spell resistant Pekka. It brings my two favorite decks/cards together, Pekka and Miner Control.

I have a video on this deck featuring some of my best matches in the tournament, giving more action into the strategy of this deck.

Thanks for reading everybody, and I hope you try out this deck on your own!

This has been General NX, signing off. See you all next time.


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